Caregiver Examples

What does caregiver/eldercare coaching look like? How does it work? Coaching focuses on a partnership between the coach and the client so that future goals can be achieved. Coaching differs from counseling as the past is not a primary issue, it is assessed to better understand current dynamics occurring in the older person’s life, however the coach designs a plan to assist the older adult and/or caregiver(s) achieve the most supportive plan for quality of life as a person ages. Coaching most often occurs telephonically and/or through computer-based communication. Many times the coaching can be completed in 1-2 hours and can be broken into small time frames as the care-giving process occurs..

Common questions that generate a coaching request:

“My mom is about to be discharged from the hospital and we don’t know where to go, she can’t go home and we don’t know how to pay for senior living”

“Dad continues to have difficulty remembering things and we are afraid to leave him home alone”

“My wife doesn’t believe me when I tell her she isn’t safe to drive anymore, I just don’t know how to get her to stop”

“My uncle is a hoarder and lives alone with no support. We are afraid he is going to fall and hurt himself again”

“The hospital says she needs rehabilitation then likely move to an assisted living but she has no money. How can she afford to live in an assisted living? Is there a benefit to pay for that?

“He can’t be eligible for Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits, he has too much money”

These examples and countless others are scenarios we assist caregivers to manage. We save you time and money by assuring you get the correct information googletest. There are so many myths and misconceptions in the eldercare field. Work with a team that will educate you and refer you, if necessary, to professionals who will start the services you or your loved one needs to safely age in place.

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