Webinar: Emotional Roots of Clutter

photo of cluttered room
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The personal environment clients create often is a physical manifestation of how they are feeling on the inside.  When they feel overwhelmed or frazzled, there’s a good chance that all, or some, of their living space appears the same way.  Clutter has emotional roots.  What’s the source of their accumulation:  Guilt?  Fear? Grief? Anger?  Any of these underlying emotions can result in avoidance, indecision, and lack of motivation.

Learn how to help clients organize their space by getting to the heart of the matter.

This course will provide the student with the following objectives:

1. Evaluate underlying emotions and situations that can manifest in physical clutter.

2. Distinguish differences between temporary disorganization and hoarding behavior.

3. Employ interventions to help clients manage uncomfortable feelings to purge clutter and organize the environment.