Home Study: Helping Clients Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Title: Helping Clients Achieve Work-Life Balance
Description: A lack of work-life balance can make you sick. According to Joel Goh of Harvard Business School, burned-out employees in the U.S. cost an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion a year in healthcare spending. Unhealthy stress levels can increase symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, and manifest in physical symptoms such as poor digestion, headaches, high blood pressure and disrupted eating and sleeping schedules.
The nature of work has changed. Expectations of 24/7 availability, taking work home and longer commutes have encroached on the restorative time found away from work. This course will explore the factors causing imbalance at work and home and provide techniques to help clients make changes to reduce stress and feel more in control of their time and lives.
Author: Susan Fee, M.Ed., Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Continuing education clock hour 1.0: Ohio Social Workers & Counselors, Nurses may use ce hours from other licensure boards