McGregor Senior Living Continuing Education Offerings:

If you have received a free complimentary Home Study/Recorded Webinar, it is good for ONE free course for 1.0 credit hour for Nurses, Social Workers & Counselors. If other ceu credits are available, they will be listed.

The process to take the CEU:

  • Click on the title and view the Webinar.
  • Click and complete the Digital Post-Test after watching the Webinar (name, license #, unique code, email, phone number required), you must score 80% to pass.
  • You will receive an email with a certificate of completion within 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please call EPO at 440-212-4987 or email with questions to:

Webinar: Realistic Optimism: Improving Life Satisfaction

Is your client’s glass half empty or half full?  Optimism has little to do with circumstances and luck and more to do with choices, problem solving and explanatory styles. Long-term pessimism can lead to depression and learned helplessness. But, the goal is not to try and be “happy” all the time. Realistic optimism presents a narrative that includes adversity and challenges in addition to life satisfaction. Learn practical strategies to replace negative thinking with a more positive (and accurate) view. 

POST TEST: Realistic Optimism: Improving Life Satisfaction

Webinar: Assertiveness: Speaking up for Patient Care

Communicating assertively can increase patient satisfaction, can strengthen decision-making skills, can improve self-esteem, and can result in more satisfying, respectful relationships. Participants will be able to identify factors that prohibit clear and direct communication in patient care settings. Evaluate the dos and don’ts of different communication approaches, and assess the effectiveness of your current communication style. Discover the language, structure, and tone of assertive communication, and its potential to positively impact your patient care experiences and others in your life.

POST TEST: Assertiveness Post Test

Webinar: Adopting a Solution Focused Mindset

Have you ever had a client/patient who seemed more interested in focusing on their problems instead of solutions? How do you help someone who gets stuck in a perpetual rut? Encouraging clients to be solution focused means helping them focus on what’s going right, determining what has been helpful in the past, and challenging them about what they can do today to create change. Find out how to help clients acknowledge and break negative patterns, ask empowering questions, and replace excuses with positive Action.

POST TEST: Adopting Mindset Post Test

Webinar: The Ethics of Clinical Disclosure

Self-disclosing as a therapist or clinical worker can be a great way to build rapport with your clients. However, over self-disclosure can take away from the therapeutic process and blur ethical and professional lines. In this course, you will learn the ethics behind self-disclosure and how to self-disclose in an ethical and professional way to enhance your rapport with clients.

POST TEST: The Ethics Post Test 

Webinar: Health Literacy and Seniors: Using Plain Language to Communicate Effectively with Geriatric Clients

Health literacy, the understanding of complex medical and health information is a key component to the overall health and well-being of the patients for whom we care. For senior clients, our ability to effectively communicate complicated information is a vital part of the care planning process. In this session, participants will define health literacy, discuss the impact of low health literacy on quality measures and learn how to utilize a plain language approach when communicating with senior clients and their families.

POST TEST: Health Literacy and Seniors: Using Plain Language to Communicate Effectively with Geriatric Clients