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EPO invites you to attend our monthly meeting & discover the difference!

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Networking for professional development and referrals!

Are you tired of attending networking events requiring excessive membership fees, having the same people at every event, and no referrals? Since 2002, EPO has co-sponsored monthly networking events to enhance relationships between professionals in the field of aging.

The monthly meeting is held on the 2nd Friday of each month from 9 -10:30 am and is primarily hosted by senior living communities and social service organizations on the west-side of Cleveland.

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What makes EPO networking unique:

  • New faces every meeting
  • Speakers who specialize in business development and elder-care and healthcare updates
  • Up to 20 second infomercial for every participant
  • Generous referral opportunities due to the diverse, experienced participants
  • Career opportunities for professionals in transition
  • Affordable pricing
  • Numerous “perks” for members
  • Fun atmosphere!

Successful networking requires skill, making a positive first impression is critical.

Meetings include educational topics such as:

  • Choosing a home health care service
  • Medicare and Medicaid legislative updates
  • The pros and cons of a reverse mortgage
  • Trust options and estate planning
  • Memory improvement classes
  • Care giver support resources
  • Special needs home remodeling services
  • Web site marketing
  • Business development

EPO offers an award winning networking business. Meetings are generously attended with new faces every meeting. Each meeting promises new referral opportunities! Speakers from health-care, business experts, government and more are encouraged to share their experiences.

Meetings are casual, informative and designed to promote relationships within the industry. A light breakfast is followed by announcements. Each member introduces themselves & meet & greet. Click here for tips from our President, Kelsey Loushin, on how to pitch an effective 20 second elevator pitch.

We invite you to visit an EPO networking meeting. The cost to attend a meeting is $17.

The networking is just $125/year. All members receive multiple benefits through their membership.

EPO has the authority to accept and decline membership requests. Should membership be requested, the President and the Director of Community Relations will approve or decline the request. Membership requires monthly attendance from it’s members. Should an individual and/or company request membership, attendance is agreed upon by the requesting party.   Upon joining EPO, all members understand fees and membership dues are not refundable.